The reality of the economic crisis starting to set in

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The reality of the economic crisis starting to set in

Post  Mad_Jasper on Sat Nov 08, 2008 11:09 pm

Have you guys noticed what is happening in the auto industry? The Big Three are all on the verge of bankruptcy, with Ford the most likely to withstand the downturn. Once responsible for building America's iconic cars, all are struggling to stay afloat.

Guys, we could lose Chrysler and GM in the very near future. Ford is the only company that has had success with economical sedans, thanks to their relationship with Mazda and Volvo... and with their Focus and Fiesta imports, I think they'll be ok. GM has had good success in the global market and may be able to pull profits from other regions, like China. Chrysler is crap. They are trying to unload to the first buyer. I'm reading that the possible GM/Chrysler deal is dead and Hyundai may be a potential buyer. WTF? Hyundai... buying Chrysler? The Hyundai Challenger!?

Losing any of the big three will be a sad day in American automotive history.

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