Red Oak – Business Promotions Committee and Contact Committee

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Red Oak – Business Promotions Committee and Contact Committee

Post  Flattau01 on Wed Jun 08, 2011 12:11 am

One of the committees of the Red Oak of Iowa Chamber and Industry Association is the Business Promotions Committee. It is a standing committee of the association. The committee organizes and promotes a series of events or functions designed to encourage commerce for the association members in the Red Oak. It also draws positive attention to the member businesses of the Association. An unlimited number of members of the business community and association constitute the Business Promotions Committee. A member is also allowed to be a member of the board. The membership of the Business Promotions Committee appoints the Chair.
Another standing committee of the organization is the Contact Committee. The primary focus of the committee is on attraction and recruitment of new business investment, especially the emerging industries and innovation. The new trends are monitored and the information is disseminated to the Board by the committee to develop ways and attract new, emerging and innovative businesses. Information on the latest technology resources for recruitment in economic development practice is provided to the members by the Committee in collaboration with the Board. Analysis and advice regarding public policy issues affecting business recruitment for the Red Oak Community and businesses is also provided by the committee. The committee consists of not more than five members out of which one is the member of the board. For need of confidentiality the Committee’s reports do not include prospective business or individual names. The committee membership is appointed by the Board.
ali sharaf’s Red Oak Town Village Apartments has contributed immensely to the economic development of the Red Oak. Ali Sharaf is also the President and CEO of the Victron Group.


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