Nancy Pelosi Has Her Own “Scott Brown!” - Help Us End Her Tyranny!

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Nancy Pelosi Has Her Own “Scott Brown!” - Help Us End Her Tyranny!

Post  Zak_Carter on Fri Mar 26, 2010 9:02 pm

"Currently about 60 cents of every health care dollar goes through the government. If you think health care is expensive when the government is involved at 60 cents on the dollar, wait until they're involved at 100 cents on the dollar." - John Dennis

John Dennis, an accomplished conservative businessman and entrepreneur, is running against Nancy Pelosi!

Show your support, join “John Dennis for Congress"

Listen to John’s strategy for success on The Roger Hedgecock Show -

Catch a sneak peek of an upcoming TV show featuring John Dennis! -

Learn more, donate, and volunteer at the campaign website -

John Dennis has been endorsed by - -
The 10th Amendment Center, and the iconic Barry Goldwater Jr.

John qualified for the ballot with more petition signatures from district voters than the election officials had seen in over 30 years. The hard working volunteers of the John Dennis campaign will make the difference in this race. We can defeat Pelosi, but not without your help!

If it can happen in Massachusetts it can happen in San Francisco!


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