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POW's for McCain

Post  Peggy on Fri Oct 31, 2008 2:14 pm

This is a must read! I have met Mr Galanti and Mr Cordier about a year ago and both of these men are working for John McCain. They respect him and they trust him with our country. Below is a letter from Mr Cordier and they also have a website that is a must to see:

Col. Ken Cordier's words follow:

PATRIOTS, John McCain has been reluctant to play on his war record and POW credentials. As part of the final week "surge", a number of cellmates who were with John at the Hanoi Hilton have contributed anecdotes and short testimonials which are posted on www.WingmenForMccain.com along with an image of the painting "The Pledge", Mike McGrath's sketches and my narrative of a typical 24 hours in prison. Please pass this to all your lists and to any blog sites you may think appropriate.

Many of the public are unaware of the reality of the Vietnam POW experience and how it shaped McCain's patriotism and love of country. Our web site gives a snapshot of that experience for those who may have nagging questions about Obama's loyalty and dedication to the principles on which our nation was built. When you vote, please think about the strength of character demanded of our Commander in Chief and who is most likely to deliver.

This initiative is completely independent of the McCain/Palin campaign.
Yours in Freedom, Ken Cordier


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