A big question for PUMAS--2012 (feel free to post on HCF if you have an acocunt..I lurk)

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A big question for PUMAS--2012 (feel free to post on HCF if you have an acocunt..I lurk)

Post  SweetNightmare on Thu Oct 30, 2008 4:43 pm

With the 2008 presidential election coming to a close, we all know who we are voting for, and where we stand. However, a phenomenon has occurred: Many angry Hillary supporters got to see how shady the Democratic candidate Barack Obama was after seeing the treatment of Hillary in the primaries. Totally understandable...I would be pissed too. As a result many Hillary Clinton supporters worked along side of Republicans, many for the first time in their voting lives--in order to save the Democratic Republic of America we all love so much.

I know this is a bit of a stretch as it is 4 years early..but consider this. In 2012, there is speculation that Hillary will run again. Obama's camp seems to want to run again in 2012, and Palin has stated the she wanted to run.
Let's say obama learns all this crap from this election and seems to "clean up his ways" so that if he were to run again, he'd have no shady allegations (although I am 100% sure he'd still have the same plans in mind for America). And what if he picked Hillary? Would all the PUMAs then vote for him? Even if he "cleans up his act?" That is one scenario.
The other is if Hillary plans to run alone (assuming and hoping O looses) would the PUMAs go along with fellow party-members in trashing Sarah Palin or would you want to fight the clean fight and teach party members respect? I know--this does go both ways as the Republicans must respect Hillary supporters as you guys gave it your all to help us.

I know many PUMAs who are very respectful to the other party and we have seen a turn around in that we can work together...but we must make it last and know that even if I remain a Republican, and PUMAs return to the Democrat party, we must learn to not let elections get this out of hand.

Just some thought.

What would a Hillary vs. Sarah 'fight' look like? Obama vs Sarah?
(I say Sarah so confidently since she has indeed revived our party, I am pretty sure if she wants to run in '12 she'll win the primaries.)

If Hillary and Obama square off again I don't see people fawning over Obama like they have as of late. I'd think they'd give Hillary a chance since they already tried one guy. Besides, a meal may be hot when put out at first but if you let it sit, it get cooler. Obama won't be a big deal 4 years from now..he is now because he's a fresh face. But we gotta be careful, they could very well be "prepping" someone else as we speak...


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