ultra-orthodox Jewish paper endorses McCain/Palin

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ultra-orthodox Jewish paper endorses McCain/Palin

Post  BillD on Wed Oct 29, 2008 6:59 am

For plenty of good reasons, as they outline below! Pass to your Jewish friends, please.

Yated Ne’eman (Ultra-Orthodox Jewish newspaper) Endorses John McCain For President
The Yeshiva World News ^ | 10/28/2008 | Yated Ne'eman

Posted on Wednesday, October 29, 2008 7:00:20 AM by Jaysin

Yated Neeman is departing from its usual practice and endorsing Republican candidate Senator John McCain for President of the United States in the November 4 national elections. Senator McCain is an American war hero and a recognized expert on military and foreign affairs. He is a longtime friend of Israel. He is a dedicated reformer who has demonstrated great political courage and independence. He is also a man of great decency and honesty, with a deep sense of personal honor and patriotism.

While the polls and the mainstream media are predicting a victory by Senator Barack Obama, his support appears to be soft, making a coronation premature.

We believe that McCain is better equipped than Obama to lead this country out of the current economic crisis and slowdown, pursue the war against Islamic terrorism, and restore America’s pride and prestige as the leader of the free world. The US should not experiment with an untested leader, such as Obama, at this time of crisis.

Based upon his unique record of bipartisan cooperation with Democrats and independents in the US Senate, McCain, as president, would be more capable than Obama of reaching out across party lines to unite the country to meet these challenges.

McCain has an impeccable record of support for Israel. He has always been committed to the safety and security of Israel, and has long recognized the mutually supportive links between international Islamic terrorism, Palestinian leaders and the rogue states dedicated to Israel’s destruction.

McCain has promised that, as president, he would recognize Yerushalayim as Israel’s capital, keep it undivided under Israeli sovereignty, and relocate the US embassy to the city.

But just one day after Obama told AIPAC that “Jerusalem must remain undivided,” he reversed himself in reaction to criticism from the Arab world and said that he would put the unity and sovereignty of Yerushalayim back on the negotiating table. During the presidential campaign, Obama has often declared his support for Israel, particularly when speaking before Jewish audiences. But according to Chicago media reports, while Obama was an Illinois state senator, he often attended Palestinian and Arab-American community events, and called for a more “even-handed” US government approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

We are also troubled by Obama’s rogues gallery of former friends and supporters, and his failure to adequately explain his association with them.

Some of Obama’s most influential foreign policy advisors have openly predicted that he will increase American pressure on Israel for concessions in the peace process once he enters the Oval Office.

Unlike Obama, McCain remains unwilling to negotiate with Iran’s president as long as he remains publicly committed to Israel’s destruction, and can be trusted to take the firm action required to protect Israel from the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran.

Unlike Obama, McCain has a clear strategic vision for defending America’s vital national interests throughout the Middle East, and against the re-emerging threat of Russian imperialism. He is also prepared to use America’s military as well as its diplomatic and economic strength to safeguard this country.

Obama never recognized the threat that Saddam Hussein posed to peace in the region and America’s strategic interests in the Middle East, and opposed the war in Iraq from the outset. By contrast, McCain supported the war, but was one of the first Republicans to criticize the subsequent mistakes which allowed the Iraq insurgency to get out of hand.

When Bush finally proposed the troop surge strategy, McCain demonstrated great political courage by defying popular opinion to support it. He clearly meant it when he said at that time that he would “rather lose an election than see the United States lose a war.” That political courage was ultimately vindicated when the surge proved to be the key to US victory in Iraq. By contrast, Obama has remained stubbornly unwilling to recognize the surge’s success.

With regard to domestic policy, only McCain can be trusted to restore the faith of American voters in the integrity and responsiveness of the government in Washington. Unlike Obama, McCain has gone beyond empty rhetoric to prove, time and again, his determination to expose and condemn such evil practices as earmarked government budget items, and to loosen the grip of corrupt lobbyists, special interest groups and big money on government lawmaking, regulation, spending and the electoral process itself.

With regard to the mortgage meltdown, McCain was one of the first to publicly expose the dangers from the reckless lending policies promoted by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, while Obama was a major beneficiary of their political contributions.

McCain can be trusted to resolve the current economic crisis with necessary reforms that will strengthen the free market capitalism which has always been at the core of American prosperity. Obama’s proposals would lead this country down the road to socialism.

McCain understands the need to cut taxes in order to lead this country out of the current recession, while Obama’s liberal “tax the rich” policies would only add to the burden on the small businesses which create most of the new jobs in this country, and further delay the recovery.

On social policy, McCain is a staunch supporter of traditional conservative moral values, as confirmed by his selection of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate.

McCain can be counted upon to appoint responsible judges to the federal bench and the US Supreme Court who will not seek to impose their personal values on the American people and the US Constitution; judges who will respect our religious beliefs, and who will defend our shared concepts of basic decency and morality.

For all these reasons and more, we endorse John McCain in the upcoming election for president. However, regardless of which candidate ultimately wins the White House on November 4, we pray that the US will remain free and strong, committed to democracy and human rights, and worthy of our loyal support.

(Yated Ne’eman)

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