What's going on with the polls.

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What's going on with the polls.

Post  Mad_Jasper on Tue Oct 28, 2008 12:40 pm

We have witnessed wild swings with the polls the last two months. Many of us are in disbelief that Obama could recently maintain such a lead on John McCain. we've questioned the motives of the MSM and polsters... concerned that they are trying to sway the electorate to vote for the "winner", but I think there is a potential threat looming with a Mccain victory that many of us have not considered.

In 2004, Kerry led in many polls, including exit polls. Some pundits and many left-wing bloggers claimed the only way Bush could have won was to "steal" the election.

Fastforward 2008. Obama has held a mighty lead in nationwide and battleground polls for several weeks. Obama has also staged an army of attorneys preparing to litigate his way into the presidency should he lose. I can only imagine the outcry by pundits, left-wing activists, black activist, bloggers, etc. if John McCain wins. We could see widespread violence that makes the 1992 LA riots look like a school yard brawl. We only have to look to Ralia Odinga in Kenya to see the potential.

And lest we not forget Obama rallied for Odinga and is rumored to advise him on techniques of "persuasion".

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